My Biggest Prediction For 2019

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a
perfect plan executed next week” – George S. Patton

There is a space right now that almost no one is in, a space that in the next couple of years will be one of the most highly sought after, incredibly valuable, but uber-competitive

If you get in right now, and claim your spot, you will dominate in your market for years to come.

This space is so powerful because it puts you, right there, in the room with your potential customer.

I am talking voice

This year we will see 30% of all mobile searches conducted by voice, people are getting used to speaking into the phone and asking Siri, Cortana, or Google for what they want, and in the home, bets will no longer be settled by picking up a phone or tablet, but by asking Alexa or Google out loud for an answer.

In August 2018 it was estimated that roughly 18 percent of Americans owned own a smart speaker such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. That’s a whopping 51 million people, and 33 percent of those own more than one. 

In January this year Amazon released a new figure… They had shipped over 100 million… yes 100 million Alexa enabled devices.

By 2020 the number is going to be double that, and with the rest of the world buying voice tech at an even more impressive rate, the number of voice devices in the home is going to be massive. 

This market is huge, and the opportunity you have right now is phenomenal, but you will only have a year or two, so get in there and claim your market share before every company under the sun jumps on board.

So what is the opportunity?

Right now I think the biggest one is the daily flash briefing. There are others, and I may cover these in the future but let’s talk about the flash briefing model today as this is by far the most valuable and also easiest to get started with.

There are three main transition points in most people’s lives; 

  • When they get up.
  • When the get in from work.
  • Just before they head off to bed. 

These are routines that are heavily ingrained in peoples lives, and I particularly care about the first of these.

My morning goes pretty much like this.

I wake up, go down stairs and let the dog out. If it’s cold I will light the fire in my office so that it starts to get warm in there before I sit down, and then I will hit the kitchen and turn on the coffee machine.

The next step is I ask Alexa for my flash briefing. 

I get the price of bitcoin and ethereum first, followed by this day in history, then the BBC news, CNN, and Business Insider, and finally wrapping it up with the weather.

Every day, without fail I listen to these as I make coffee before heading into my office and starting my day.

And millions upon millions of people do exactly the same thing.

Do you see how powerful this is. 

You can be in their ear as they carry out their morning routine, as they use the bathroom, get ready for work, feed the kids, or whatever it is people do when listening to their briefings.

This is an incredibly intimate time, you are in their homes, you are providing value, you are building trust each and every day…

Think about this, a large portion of podcasts are consumed on the commute to work, your flash briefing, that bitesize chunk of advice you give every morning could just be enough to get people to decide to listen to you today rather than your competition.

Let’s say you publish your podcast weekly, on that day your flash briefing could be a piece of advice from that podcast and will end with ’To get more insights on x, y, or z download the latest episode of my podcast which is out today”

This is a golden opportunity to provide incredible value to your listener and lead them down other content paths while building trust and authority in their mind.

And you can do this in any niche, because flash briefings don’t just have to be about news, and they don’t necessarily have to be time sensitive. They can be tiny pieces of content that help the listener in their job, hobby, business, relationships, and so on.

And this really is the key.

Say for instance that I was in the survival niche, I could produce a daily survival tips flash briefing, here are some of the things I would write about.

Dan’s Daily Survival Tips

Make A Char Cloth

One of the hardest things about making a fire is finding the right kindling, so once you have got the first one going you should prepare and make the next one easier to light. 

Take a small piece of cloth and stuff it into a metal container and seal it. Put the container into the fire for a few minutes then remove it. You will have a black cloth that will light with the tiniest of sparks.

Use Moss To Indicate Direction

Look for moss around the base of a tree. It usually likes growing in the shade and so is most often found on the north side. If the tree is covered in moss then the thickest side will point north.

Use A Stick As A Compass

Put a stick in the ground and mark the end of the shadow on the floor. Wait five minutes and repeat this process. Now all you need to do is draw a line between the two points and and that will be your east to west line. This of course depends on the sun being out.

Use Bees To Find Water

First off, seeing bees is always a good sign as that could mean a supply of energy-boosting honey, and bees rarely make their hives more tha a couple of miles from a large supply of water.

Each of these will take a couple of minutes to record and edit and you could easily record an entire months worth in advance. 

You could also record a standard outro for each of these along the lines of ‘brought to you by’ etc.

I know this may all seem like a lot of work, but really, how many of these things could you record in a day, and if you put in the grind now then you will dominate this market and most importantly you will build trust and authority. 

In issue 32 of The Raine Report I wrote a complete guide to building Flash Briefing Services without using a third party service. You can get access to this and all back issues of The Raine Report for free here.